Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dress 'appropriately', MLA tells national women’s kabaddi coach

Gurgaon, Sat Mar 23 2013, 03:38 hrs

A Haryana MLA allegedly insulted the coach of the national women's kabaddi team in public on Friday, causing the distressed woman to faint, and triggering protests from her wards.

Badshahpur MLA Rao Dharampal allegedly told Sunil Dabas, one of the very few woman Dronacharya awardees, to dress "appropriately" in a sari and not in "shirt and jeans". The MLA was chief guest at the annual day celebration at Gurgaon's Dronacharya College of Engineering, where Dabas is a member of the staff.
According to students who said they were witnesses, Dharampal also expressed scepticism about Dabas's ability to discipline her wards. A shaken Dabas protested, and was so stressed out and unhappy that she needed medical attention, the students, who demanded an apology from the MLA, said.
Dharampal said, "I did not do or say anything wrong. While meeting all the staff members, just like a father in good faith, I told her, "kapde bhi theek-thaak pehan liya karo". I also told her that we are all proud of her and her achievements. I had no intention of humiliating her. She is like my own daughter."
Dabas and the college principal were not available for comment.

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