Saturday, September 14, 2013

Why Sex Education is important in countries with a high Rape ratio over women's safety

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While this blog is focused on sharing news and resources on Rape and sexual crimes. I couldn't resist sharing this picture and information I found below on Facebook. Here it is for you to read and share widely!

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The first response many give when asked about rape is 'death sentence for rapists'. While the individual who is sexually assaulted has all the right to argue for death penalty for rapists, the society must understand that there is absolutely no country that has prevented or eliminated rape by implementing death sentence.

What does not prevent rape:

1) Shouting death sentence for rapists every time a rape incident gets media publicity.

2) Making women cover themselves from head to feet.

3) Cultural worshiping of women as goddess and respectable beings.

What can prevent rape:

1) Implementing Sex Education in schools and colleges.

2) Taking action against educational institutions that punish boys and girls for talking to each other. These institutions are the reason many men dont even know how to approach a woman.

3) Teaching our children that no one is inferior because of their gender and making them understand the art of asking consent from the person they wish to have sex with.

The loudness of the mob voice that shouts for death penalty makes us blind to the various underlying social and cultural factors that produce rapists. If we can reach the childhood of these rapists and change their understanding of women and sex when they were kids, they would not turn into rapists in future. Lets try to create a social and educational system that does not produce rapists in the first place.

Source: Picture and text taken from Facebook

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