Friday, September 13, 2013

Judgment in Dec 16 gang-rape case: Salient features

NEW DELHI: While pronouncing the verdict, the fast-track court described the Dec 16 gang-rape as "premeditated" and "brutal" act.

Salient features of the judgment

* Delhi court convicts four accused of murder, gang-rape, unnatural offences, kidnapping, dacoity, destruction of evidence and criminal conspiracy, among others.
* The court describes the Dec 16 gang-rape as "premeditated" and "brutal" act.
* The court says the facts made all the accused liable for the "cold blooded murder" of the "defenceless victim".
* The injuries were caused in a "brutal manner" and the death was also not accidental, the court says in a 237 page judgment.
* The rods caused as many as "18 internal injuries to several organs" and the cause of death in the case was the direct consequence of the multiple injuries sustained by her.
* The victim was "humiliated" and beaten up inside the bus with the intention of causing death.
* Rejecting claim of Mukesh, that he was only driving the bus and had not participated in the gang rape, the court said they all are liable for gang rape committed with the victim
* The accused had knowledge of what they were doing, says court.
* Court says gang rapists tried to kill her male friend of the victim and says that his evidence is of vital importance in deciding the act of all the accused.
* Court praised Delhi Police investigators for their prompt and professional action.
* Court says dying declaration of victim was consistent, corroborative of the material aspects of the case.
* Court says the bus was on the road not for earning through dropping passenger to their destination bit the purpose was to commit the crime.

Timeline of Delhi gang rape case

* Dec 16, 2012: A 23-year-old physiotherapy intern raped by six people, including a juvenile, inside a moving bus in Delhi.

* Dec 17: Bus driver Ram Singh and two other accused are arrested.

* Dec 18: Protests over the incident, crowds clash with police in central Delhi. Fourth accused arrested.

* Dec 19: Two accused brought before a Delhi court. Accused Vinay tells court "hang me".

* Dec 21: Fifth accused, who was 17-and-half years old at the time of the crime, arrested from Anand Vihar in east Delhi while boarding a bus to flee to his hometown in Uttar Pradesh.

Sixth accused Akshay Kumar Singh nabbed from Bihar.

* Dec 22: Gang rape victim records statement before a sub-divisional magistrate.

* Dec 23: Fast track court set up by the Delhi High Court.

* Dec 24: The government announces setting up of a committee to suggest amendments to laws for speedy trials and enhanced punishment for criminals in rape cases.

* Dec 27: Victim airlifted to Singapore for treatment.

* Dec 29: She succumbs to her injuries at a Singapore hospital.

* Dec 30: The body of the gang rape victim flown back to Delhi, cremated.

* Jan 3, 2013: A case of rape, murder, kidnapping, destruction of evidence, and attempted murder filed against all the six accused in the case.

* Jan 7: Court orders in-camera trial.

* Jan 28: Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) declares that one of the accused is a minor.

* Feb 2: Fast track court paves the way for trial and charges five men for murder, gang rape and other offences.

* Feb 3: The Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance, 2013, issued. The relevant bill passed by the Lok Sabha March 19 and the Rajya Sabha March 21, making laws more stringent.

* Feb 5: Trial begins in the case and court records statements of accused.

* March 11: Accused Ram Singh found hanging in his Tihar Jail cell.

* May 17: Victim's mother appears as a prosecution witness before the trial court and says "give justice to my daughter".

* June 14: Juvenile accused turns 18 in custody. Age determined based on school certificate.

* July 11: Juvenile Justice Board in New Delhi defers verdict on the minor accused to July 25.

* July 25: Juvenile Justice Board defers verdict on minor accused till Aug 5.

* Aug 22: The Supreme Court allows the juvenile board to go ahead with pronouncing its verdict.

* Aug 31: Juvenile Justice Board sentences the minor accused to a three-year stay in a special home.

* Sep 3: Delhi court reserves its order.

* Sep 10: All the four accused Mukesh, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma and Akshay Kumar Singh are held guilty on all counts. Court to pronounce quantum of punishment Sep 11.

* Sep 11: Delhi court defers verdict on the four men accused to Sep 13.

* Sep 13: The court sentences to death Mukesh, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma and Akshay Kumar Singh.


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