Friday, March 8, 2013

Women's Day: Raped India--Which rape horror to report?

Written by: Maitreyee      Published: Friday, March 8, 2013, 13:00 [IST]

It was something unseen and unheard before, when protesters stood firm on their feet against police brutalities and expressed their anger and dismay over rise in crime against women in the national capital. It was just few months back. It was December, when the horrific Delhi gang-rape and murder of a 23-year-old paramedical student in a moving bus woke up all from their slumber. They came out on the streets and demanded strictest of punishment against rapists. Government bowed under pressure and formed the Justice JS Verma committee to come up with strict laws against sexual assault. But, now due to differences of opinion regarding the use of words "rape" or "sexual assault", the passage of anti-rape law in the Parliament has been delayed. Is dealing with crime against women only about bringing strict laws? Or enforcement of existing laws? Government's attempt to portray the image that it is serious to tackle the issue of rape against women is like "putting old wine in a new bottle". India does not needs new laws to tackle rising numbers of sex attacks on women. It needs stricter implementation of existing laws. 
Women's Day: Which rape case to report?
Why are rapists given just few years of imprisonment and set free? Why is death penalty not considered to punish those culprits who perpetrate such heinous crime? Otherwise, if government has been serious enough, the rise in number of rape cases would have been curtailed after the horrific Delhi gang-rape and the protests that followed it. But, unfortunately their is no dip in the number of rape cases reported every day. Be it the rape and murder of three minor siblings in Bhandara or last night's attack on a woman journalist in the national capital. Everyday shame and horror greet India. And, most of the cases remain unsolved. Disappointing news headlines often scream that there are no headway or breakthrough in solving cases. And, those few who are caught by the police manage to escape without getting any punishment or jail for few years. 

Times are difficult. And, in such situations, harsher punishment should be given to culprits who engage in such ghastly crime. Otherwise, where is the fear to deter men from committing crime like rapes? Perhaps there is no fear in the minds of pervert people who violate women's dignity. That is why rape accused Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairperson PJ Kurien is adamant enough not to leave his post, in spite of repeated demands from the opposition. The story of Suryanelli gang-rape victim is a perfect example how easily powerful people can get away by committing crimes.

 It has been more than 16 years and the victim is still waiting for justice. In 1996, a group of around 40 men raped a 16-year-old school-going girl for 40 days. The victim, who is now 33 years of age, says that Kurien was also involved in raping her. The victim has named Kurien as one of the accused in the horrific incident. Like Suryanelli victim many women in India are waiting for justice, and yes many are afraid that they too might be raped and have to suffer for their whole life. Where is justice in India for women? International women's day is nothing but a sham for Indian women.

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